Come and see us for all your Apple hardware problems.  My Byte is an Apple Authorised Service Provider committed to providing you with the best care and quickest resolution to have your Apple hardware back in working order.  Our technicians are all experienced and qualified as Apple Certified Macintosh Technicians and Apple Certified iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod/Watch) Technicians.

No appointment is necessary.  Simply come in and see us where we can conduct a quick over the counter diagnosis to address your issue as quickly as possible.

Things you should know
  • Priority service1 – Do you need a queue jump?  Simply let our friendly staff members know and we will see what can be done.
  • All work (with the exception of iPhones2) is conducted in-house and your equipment will be in good hands whilst in our care. Being an Apple Authorised Service Provider, we use genuine Apple parts for all hardware repairs.
  • AppleCare and Warranty repairs covers only hardware specific failures.  Software issues are not eligible.
  • Before bringing in your device, remember to backup all your important data.
  • If you suspect your hard drive is failing or hearing clicking sounds, backup as many important files as quickly as you can.

1 Subject to availability. Charges apply.
2 For some iPhone repairs, they are sent off site such as in cases where a screen needs to be replaced. In some cases, repairs are done in house if modular parts such as speakers or receivers are available for your particular model.

Break-fix services

Our technicians have many years of experience servicing and configuring Apple equipment. Our team is highly trained and certified in all aspects of technical repairs and troubleshooting.  We provide solutions and repairs for many common issues and no problem is too small or great.  We look forward to helping you.

  • AppleCare+
    Mac/iPhone/iPad/iPod/Watch/HomePod AppleCare+ provides extended expert technical support, additional hardware coverage and accidental coverage for your piece of mind.
    For more information, visit
  • Limited Warranty & Consumer Law Coverage
    If your equipment is within it’s limited warranty or ACL (Australian Consumer Law) coverage period, all hardware repairs are done at no cost to you. For more information on ACL coverage, visit
  • Out-of-warranty repairs
    If your equipment is outside of AppleCare or 12 months warranty period, the good news is we can still help you. Simply drop by our service centre and we can conduct a quick over the counter diagnostics to determine whether your issue can be resolved with a quick fix or requires further diagnostics.
  • Liquid damage
    If you happen to have an unfortunate accident where liquid is involved we can help. It is important to immediately power off your device and not attempt to turn it back on until it is assessed. Continuing to use your device can cause major damage to circuit board components.
  • Data recovery
    If your hard drive has stopped working or no longer being detected by your computer, do not panic. We are here to help. Simply visit our service centre and speak with one of our staff to have your situation professionally looked at and you will be provided with options.
  • Software issues
    If you are having problems launching applications or your operating system is crashing, you may need a software re-installation. We also clean malware and unwanted programs that may have crept into your system.
  • iOS repairs (iPhone/iPad/iPod/Watch)
    Our service department also extends to servicing all iOS devices – iPhones*, iPads and iPods. Both in and out of warranty.
  • Apple Booking System
    To book an appointment with your closest authorised service provider, use the link below.
  • Backing up your data
    Backing up your devices is simple and important. We recommend it for everyone. For more information on how you should backup, talk to our experts or visit the links below.
    How to back up your Mac

    How to back up your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
  • Remove your device from Find My iPhone
    In order for us to perform a repair on your mobile device, please remove it from Find my iPhone.

    For information on how to remove your device visit
What Our Customers Say

What can I say.  I needed advice for apple products and I called several Mac resellers and no one had a clue about Target Display mode. I then called My Byte and Jim within 30 minutes did his home work and called me back with all the information I required along with an email shortly after the conversation, a BIG THANK YOU JIM.  You are now my preferred Apple tech support advisor with a customer care factor.

Paul T.
Melbourne, VIC

Smith Street, Collingwood is a strange place for an Apple reseller, but I’m glad it’s here. Have bought several items at My Byte – the staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Apparently they run training sessions and other events, but I haven’t been to one of these yet. They sell some quirky stuff like the iCade, and some interesting iPhone cases, handsets and mounts, so well worth a browse. If I buy a Mac in the future I will probably buy it here.

Alex L.
Collingwood, VIC

My Byte is my preferred place to purchase Apple goods and have machines repaired for my work.

Most recently the tech team has salvaged the data from a hard drive that had begun an overwriting process. Whilst they always seem to be flat out, they’ve been happy to answer my nagging questions and return of machines has always been prompt.

Would recommend them for business needs and apple servicing.


Karlie F.
Carlton, VIC
Come in and let us help you



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