Corona Virus Information

Providing certainty in uncertain times

My Byte remains open during the Corona Virus health restrictions. Please bookmark this page for future reference so we can advise you how the current health restrictions may impact you in relation to us providing you with repairs and service.

We are closely monitoring information being provided by the authorities to ensure that we are doing our bit to provide you with the best service possible whilst keeping all of our customers and our team members safe.

When attending our store, do take note of any signage you see outside our store before entering to ensure you are adhering to current safe social distancing rules.

Combating Corona Virus

To help combat the Corona Virus, it would be great if you could clean and sanitize your devices (Computers, iPhones, iPads etc.) before coming into our store. It would also be great if you can wash your hands under water and soap for 20 sec. prior to attending. This is nothing personal but just a way of combating this virus.

If we need to check in your devices, we will also clean them upon receiving them prior to our technicians working on them. Your devices will also be cleaned once your job is completed and ready for collection.

Things to expect when you visit our store

Social Distancing Rules
If you have a cough, cold or fever, please stay home. Do not attend our store.
No more than 10 customer in store.

Please count current customers in store before entering and make sure you are no the 11th customer.
Keep a safe distance of 1.5 meters between yourself and others.

We have place markers on the floor to provide you with some guidance. Please try to stand on these.
Please try not to touch or lean over counters.
Please do not scream, shout or show any anger towards any of our team members or other customers. We understand that times at present are tough and frustrating for everyone. Including ourselves. Let's work together to achieve the best results for your situation.

Minimal touch, hygiene & distancing

To help combat Corona Virus, we are changing the way we do business in order to safeguard our customers and team members.

Our front door will be kept open at all times during business hours to minimise touching any door handles upon arrival and departure.

We are also accepting credit card or direct deposit payments only. No cash will be accepted.

We have put in place increased cleaning procedures throughout the day to ensure that we beat this virus.

Our team members are also doing their bit by washing their hands regularly for 20 seconds under water and soap. They will also clean your devices prior to receiving them in for service including once your job has been completed and is ready for collection.

You will also notice a barrier between our service counter and yourselves. This is to ensure that minimal contact is maintained between you and our service counter to protect customers afterwards.

Come in and let us help you



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