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My Byte is a boutique tech savvy destination for good advice and great products.

Since blasting off as new age company in late 2009, we have grown and established a vibrant sales and service team that you can count on.

Whether you are after a new desktop, laptop or tablet or considering upgrading your existing technology, you can rest assured you will be given the best options. Not only that, you can accompany your purchases with a great range of accessories.

At My Byte we love discovering how things work. This is why we’re proud of our Service offering. Bring your product in for us to have a look at to see what might be causing problems.

We also have a great range of audio solutions and are proud to be a premium partner with the likes of SONOS, AIAIA, Braven and Beats. There are many more brands available so be sure to shop by brand and discover more cool products.

If you are new to Apple, we welcome you to visit our store and ask our friendly staff any questions you may have. You may also be interested in our training service sessions. We can work around your schedule and needs. Simply speak with one of the team.

We are just as inquisitive as you are, and look forward to discovering and meeting you one day…

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